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10 pack Pre-printed Practice Skin 3 Variations.

10 pack Pre-printed Practice Skin 3 Variations.

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Introducing our versatile product: : Pre-Printed Double-Sided Practice Skin Set with 3 Variations.  over 200 designs

8 sheets skin comes with pre-printed tattoo designs, offering a range of styles and patterns to challenge and inspire artists at any level.  

1 sheet skin features simple lines.

1 sheet skin is blank.

Made from high-quality materials, our practice skins closely mimic the texture and feel of real human skin. This gives you a realistic experience, allowing you to refine your skills before working on actual clients. 

Whether you're a beginner seeking to hone your craft or a seasoned artist looking to expand your repertoire, our Practice Skin Set with 3 Variations is a valuable tool to enhance your tattooing journey. Get ready to elevate your skills and create stunning artwork! 

This silicone practice skin comes with a variety of lines, shapes, and curves. It is specially designed to assist you in: 

✍️ Practicing precise and clean tattoo lines 

✍️ Developing suitable shading techniques 

✍️ Gaining comfort and confidence with your tattoo machine 

✍Use a stencils without the fear of smudging, saving you time and frustration! 


When exploring different tattoo designs using fake skin, experiment with various techniques such as fine lines, straight lines, round circles, intricate floral designs, and shading. This will allow you to diversify your expertise.
Our double-sided practice skin sheets are designed with precision to replicate realistic stencils. The light gray outlines provide clear guidance for your tattooing artistry against a lifelike backdrop.
Crafted from high-quality silicone, our practice skin sheets offer an authentic texture without any powdery residue. This ensures a genuine practice experience as you master essential techniques like clean lines and appropriate shading.



Condition: 100% brand new and high quality 

Color: Skins Tone 

Material: Synthetic skin-like flexible rubber 

Size: 8x6 inch 

Thickness: 2.5mm

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  • Premium Material:

    High-quality practice skin is typically made from top-grade silicone that closely mimics the texture and elasticity of real human skin. This ensures a realistic and valuable practicing experience.

  • Light Printer Lines:

    The practice skin features light printer lines that are easy to see and follow while tattooing. This clarity helps artists create precise and clean designs on the practice surface.

  • Trending Designs:

    Many practice skins come with a variety of trending tattoo designs. These designs range from classic to contemporary, providing artists with the opportunity to practice different styles and stay up-to-date with tattoo trends.

The product aids learners in honing their precise tattoo needle techniques and improving their visual perception. It highlights the significance of using pre-printed practice skin to enhance the learning experience and provide valuable insights into precise tattoo techniques.

While it is crucial to utilize stencil paper during the tattooing process, it's worth noting that this step can be temporarily halted in the learning journey. Beginners have the option to enhance their technical skills by practicing on pre-printed practice skin, which offers standardized, intricate, and varied lines.

Maximum Practice Time: Tattoo practice skin provides artists with a large canvas to work on. This means you can practice your tattooing techniques for extended periods without the limitations of real skin or the need to change setups frequently.

Diverse Design Exploration: Practice skins often come pre-printed with various tattoo designs, from beginner-friendly to intricate and advanced patterns. This diversity enables you to explore different styles and themes, helping you expand your tattooing repertoire.

High-quality practice skin an essential tool for tattoo artists looking to enhance their skills, experiment with new designs, and stay current with the latest tattoo trends

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Guided Tattoo Practice with Pro Tips

Who is the tattoo practice skin product designed for?

Our product for everybody. It's suitable for tattoo artists, permanent makeup artists, those without experience who are looking to learn, and even individuals seeking a creative and experimental outlet.

How convenient is this product for practice?

This product provides remarkable convenience for practice. It offers a lifelike surface resembling human skin, enabling artists to refine tattooing techniques, needle usage, and ink application. With the freedom to practice at their own pace, artists can enhance their skills before working with actual clients.

How to use this product effectivele?

  1. Hand Movement: Practice steady hand movement and control. Experiment with different angles, pressure, and speed to master line work, shading, and filling.
  2. Technique Variation: Experiment with various tattooing techniques, such as lining, shading, and color blending. Try different needle groupings for diverse effects.
  3. Texture Imitation: Pay attention to the texture of the practice skin. Adjust your technique to mimic the resistance and give of real skin.
  4. Practice Design: Choose different design elements to practice, from intricate details to larger areas of shading. This helps you refine your skills across various tattoo styles.
  5. Consistency: Practice regularly to build muscle memory and refine your technique over time. Gradually challenge yourself with more complex designs.

Where can I find the right guidelines and techniques?

We understand what you're looking for, which is why we offer a Tattoo Kit Bonus. This includes a wealth of pro tips to help you start practicing the right way. It has been curated by artists with years of experience to provide you with valuable insights and guidance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Must try this practice skins 👍👍👍

I bought the blank practice skin & put the stencil on before but all the stencil was gone when I wiped out the ink. This’s such an amazing skins. They already print the design on the practice skins so I don’t need to worry about the stencil anymore. You have to try it because the line on the practice skin is so clean & I feel like my skill is improved after I tried this one. I can handle my hand & follow the line of the design really good not like the regular stencil by hand. You have to try this one & I see the price is reasonable for me too.

Jessi A
I love it

Okay dont judge my shaky lines (oopsie), but I just got this in the mail and I had to try it right away, they’re so cuteeee! I’m trying to practice to tattoo thin lines cause I love the delicate and soft aesthetic and these are just perfect! Imma try to finish them and get some more, hope they release new design soon.

10/10 recommend

Where have this been all my life, I was struggling so much to find good skin to start practicing, all the others silicone material is just so sticky, it was so hard to wipe ink off doesn’t matter how much Vaseline I used. This one is much smoother and I don’t even have to use much force to wipe. Their print is pretty thin but they stay very well.They have cool design, and the fact that it double sided meaning you get more for the price, so I think it’s a steal.

henry O'conner
Great!! Soft !!

Hi my name is Henry O’conner and I ordered these packs on sale !! And they were much worth it!! Very easy to wipe of, the texture of the skin is very soft and realistic feeling, giving you a more accurate practice . I really recommend this product!! I will
Buy more for my practices.